How to Cover a Cat Litter Box so it Won’t be seen!

If you have a litterbox in your house, your cat would be really grateful to you, as it is the perfect private place for them to poop instead of using a carpet or sofa!

Do you know how your cute little furry friend uses its litter box?

Well, actually they do it with the help of their instinct.

And whenever cats do their business they tend to hide or bury their waste.

Now, your cat will be more grateful if you keep the litter box accessible, clean and somewhere hidden in the house because just like you, your furry friend also needs some privacy to do its business.

So in this article you will learn different ways to either hide or camouflage your cat’s litter box. So, without further ado let us begin.

An overview of how to cover a cat litter box.

An exposed litter box may look unattractive or ugly however, there are some ways that you can learn in order to cover or disguise your furry friend’s litter box that will look attractive and will be functional too.

Here are  what you need to keep in mind when trying to conceal a cat litter box:

1: Location of the litter box.

Stop thinking about your house and think about your cat. He/she also needs a private room/space.

Cats like to be very quiet and maintain their privacy while carrying out their business so, it is important for you to find her a place in your house where she is out of sight and could not be disturbed for few minutes.

The best places to hide a cat litter box:

  1. Basement,
  2. an Unused Closet,
  3. Square bathroom,
  4. Corner of a garage or
  5. storeroom.

Cats dislike their litter box being close to their water, food, and toys so ensure that the distance between the two is properly maintained.

2: Accessibility of the litter box.

The second thing that you need to keep in mind after determining the location is the reach ability to the litter box. Your cat should reach the litter box without your assistance plus at any hour of the day.

You don’t want to place the litter box where your cat would feel like she is trapped or doesn’t have enough room.

3: Install a proper kitty door.

If you have decided to keep the litter box in a closed room or closed cabinet make sure you provide kitty doors or leave the door open.

Ensure that the door is big enough to help your cat to pass through it easily.

These were some aspects that you need to keep in mind as a cat owner to find a perfect location of the litter box for your cat.

Now, let us see how you could cover or disguise the litter box so that while being practical it looks appealing.

Disguising your cat litter box.

There are many different ways that you could use in your house to cover the litter box of your cat.

Here below are some smart ways that you could follow to cover your kitty’s litter box –

1: Place the litterbox inside a basket

An exposed litter box could look very ugly and at the same time shameful for your cat. That is why to avoid this condition you could place your cat’s litter box inside a big basket to do its business.

There are two things that your cat will love you more for doing this. One – your furry friend will, of course, get her privacy and big room to poop and two – she will love the idea because the enclosure of the basket will give light and air to add convenience.

Moreover, to clean the litter box you will just need to open up the top-door.

2: Give your cat a mini house with a litter box

Consider this idea a clean private toilet for your cat and beautiful décor for your house.

The litter box will be stored inside an aesthetic built mini house for your cat where it could easily come in and come out.

The best part is that you could give any design, shape or color to this mini house but make sure it is spacious and comfortable for your cat.

3: Use an upholstered Bench.

The guest sitting on a soft bench beside the table will never know that you have placed your cute friend’s litter box down there.

4: Cover the console table.

If you have a console table in your house, you could place the litter box there and cover it with curtains.

Adding curtains on the site will cover the litter box plus it will give air and light inside that would really help your cat while pooping.

Cleaning will also not be very tough as the litter box will be placed under the console table which is an easily accessible place.

5: Hide the litter box beneath the sink.

Place the litter box beneath the sink of your bathroom and cover the surroundings with curtains.

This could be a good option for those whose furry friend is a hard kicker and throws all the litter out from the litter box.

All the waste will be inside the bathroom and could be cleaned on a regular basis.

6: Hide the litter box under the stairs.

If you have stairs inside your house that means there is space under the stairs where you could place your cat’s litter box.

7: Replace drawers of the cabinet with hinged door.

If you have an old drawer in your house, it is time to make it functional. A good part about the cabinet is that they are very roomy and your cat will love going in there.

But, you will have to do something to give her this luxury.

Just take a square cabinet, create an opening from the sides and remove its drawers and install a hinged door.

The hinged door will give you more comfort to clean the entire cabinet so that your cat could regularly use its litter box.

Final Thoughts.

There you go, this is how you could cover the litter box of your cat. Remember, cats are very shy when it comes to using their litter box that is why we have provided you some information at the beginning of the article to help you find a perfect location to place the litter box.

And after that, you can pick or innovate any new ideas to cover the litter box of your cat. Good Luck!