How to Switch Your Cat’s Old Dirty Litter Box to a shiny new one!


So if you need to change the cat litter box, then you must follow a few easy rules!

If you are planning to have an indoor cat or you already have an indoor cat then the most important thing to be considered is to maintain hygienic conditions at the place where you want to put her indoors.

A litter box or sand box is the right place to put her as cats usually feel comfortable there.

So, to maintain hygiene in your home you will have to introduce your new indoor cat to a new litter box or change the litter box of the cat you already have from time to time.

But changing the litter box or introducing the new cat to a new place to live in cannot be as easy as it seems to be. Normally cats do not like changes in their environment.

So, if you want to change her litter box then there must be a valid reason behind this change and you will have to make such changes in a very careful manner.

Before knowing how to switch your cat’s litter box you should, first of all, know the reasons behind it.

Reasons to change litter box of the cat.

Your cat I not using the existing Litter box:

If your cat is not using the litter box even after training her then either you will have to change its place or replace it with a new one.

If your cat does not like to use the litter box then there must be some reason behind it which you may not realize.

Faulty or broken litter box:

The litter box of your cat can break if it is placed at a location where things can fall on it or it can be kicked frequently like in the kitchen or on the passage etc.

If it is broken or leaky due to any reason then you must buy a new one for her.

The litter box is too small:

If your cat has grown up and she feels uncomfortable in the existing litter box then it becomes necessary for you to change her kitten size litter box to that of adult size litter box.

However if you are bringing a new indoor cat for the first time then you should buy a litter box for her according to her size, and age to make her feel comfortable.

Unhygienic litter box needs to be changed:

If your cat is using the litter box since long and today an allergy has developed on her body then it can be due to unhygienic condition of the litter box.

It can be due to the use of chemicals, dust or smell in the litter box. You should change her litter box immediately to avoid such health conditions.

If your cat eats her litter box:

Sometimes litter boxes are made of natural materials like wheat, corn or wood which your cat may start eating. If that is the case then you should buy a new litter box made of material with harsh smell or taste.

Moreover, eating the litter box can cause various health problems to your pet. So to avoid such issues you should replace it at the earliest possible opportunity.

Move to new home:

If you are shifting your home to a new location even then you should change her litter box also as taking his old or used litter box may not be a sensible decision.

Remodel your home:

If you are renovating your home then you should also change the litter box of your cat to match the décor of your home.

Tips to change litter box of your cat.

So if you are bringing a new indoor cat in your home or having one of the reasons discussed above to change the litter box for your cat then you should follow certain careful steps discussed here under to switch her litter box.

Make changes one by one:

Whether you are changing the litter box of your cat or making some minor changes in her litter box to make it more attractive and comfortable for her, you should make one change at a time.

The new litter box you buy for her should look and feel similar to the previous one and should be put on the same place where last one was placed to make her feel familiar to it

Do not throw away the old litter box:

Until your cat gets used to the new litter box you should keep her old litter box nearby. You can make the new litter box attractive by putting her old toys into it to make her feel known to them.

Moreover you should not force your cat to use the new litter box. You should allow her to make a favorable decision in this regard.

Initially mix old and new litter boxes:

You can mix the new litter boxes with the old ones if you are trying to familiarize her with the new ones. You can gradually increase the use of the new boxes instead of the old ones so that she can start liking the new ones.

An abrupt change of litter box can be a shocking experience for your cat as cats usually do not accept unexpected changes.

Reward and support her:

When your new cat starts using litter box for the first time or is accustomed to the new one then to support her you should reward her to make her feel more comfortable in her new litter box.

She will start liking an unfamiliar thing very soon with your support and rewards.

Go slow:

If you are not able to familiarize your cat to the new litter box even after taking all precautions then instead of forcing her to accept it you should slow down the process.

If your cat is littering out of the box or does not want to use litter box then instead of punishing or rebuking her you should have patience.

Your cat may start disliking the new litter box or have negative feeling about it if you yell on her or punish her in such a situation. So, you should have a positive attitude and go slow.

Thus, by following the tips provided in this write-up you can easily switch the litter box of your cat.