What is the Best Place to Put a Cat Litter Box in Your Apartment?

Compared to dogs, cats perhaps make much better apartment pets. They are also cute and are extremely good company to us apartment dwellers.

There is a problem though, where is the best place for a cat litter box in your appartment?

Like all felines, cats are also active, playful and would like to move round. They also need to attend to nature’s call and excrete. So you need to have the right place earmarked for them.

This becomes all the more important and vital when you are in a housing complex sharing your apartment with others.

You cat should not become nuisance and should not bother your neighbors. Hence it is important to identify the right area that the cats could use for excreting and other purposes.

In this article, we will try and find answer to the question as to what is the best place to put a cat litter box in an apartment.

The Importance of Litter Box in your apartment.

Cats need litter box because most pet owners prefer keeping them inside their homes. Allowing them to move outside could be a problem for neighbors and cats also are safer inside because of obvious reasons.

Studies have proven that pet cats that spend more time inside their homes are more likely to live longer when compared to cats that are allowed outside.

However, cats need litter boxed because of their excretory habits. They love to excrete and then use their hind legs to cover up their waste products and keep it hidden from the outside world.

They prefer excreting in softy and sandy surfaces so that they are able to easily cover up their waste products using such loose soils.

This behavioral pattern should always be kept in mind when pet owners are planning litter boxes in their homes.

Additionally, there also is the need to ensure that the litter boxes are kept at the right places. We are happy to share a few of the obvious places where these litters could be placed in an apartment.

Is the Linen Closet a good place for a cat litter box?

We all known that linen closets are used mostly for linens, but they also are often used for storing the litter box of your cat. Lines often come with a small rectangular space on the floor.

This space could be a great spot for litter boxes. It works even better if the floor is not carpeted. Many prefer removing the door from the hinges. The door could be kept elsewhere.

The door should be kept elsewhere because you do not want your cats to get locked in their private potty place. Many cats even get locked in and this could be extremely stressful to the pets and could even endanger their lives.

Laundry Room Corner for a cat litter box.

If you are living in a small apartment, you may not have a laundry room. In case you have it, the laundry room could be the right place for storing the cat litter box.

Though the box could still be near the clean clothes, you need not worry about the clothes absorbing the odor emanating from the cat excretory materials.

This is because the clothes in most cases will not be in the laundry long enough to as to absorb the odor. However, you should bear in mind that the litter box should not be too close to the washing machine that is often placed in the laundry room.

This is because many felines are not favorably displaced towards noise and the laundry washing room could drive them away out of fear and apprehension.

Cat litter box under the Bathroom Sink.

Many apartment owners love keeping the litter box next to the toilet in the bathroom or even place cat litter box under bathroom sink.

This obviously makes lot of sense especially in small apartment where space is a big constraint. It would be great if there is enough roof for the litter box on each side of the toilet.

It also is a great hiding place for the cats. Cats like most felines and other pets, love some privacy while excreting and this further is a good reason to place litters under the bathroom sink.

Bathrooms in generally and bathroom sinks could be a great option for those who have traditional litter pans. This is because these litter boxes take up more space both in width as well as height.

In the bathroom Cabinet?

Bathroom cabinets could be another good place where you could keep your cat litter. Many apartments have cabinetry under bathroom sinks and this is an ideal place both for you as a pet owner and also for the cats.

They love the private and secret space under the bathroom cabinet. Cleaning the litter box is also easier and you also may not have to face problems of odor and bad smell that often are a big problem.

The above are just a few of the main places where you could keep your cat litter. We also thought it would be a good idea to talk about a few places that are best avoided when you plan to place the cat litter.

Don’t Choose Difficult To Access Spots for your cat litter box.

Stay away from placing cat litters in spots that you might find convenient and secretive. It may not be the same for kittens because they would like to choose a place that is easy to access.

There could be a bully amongst your cats and other cats would love to have an easy escape route when they are in the cat litter.

Hence, you must keep this in mind failing which, the cats that are timid and apprehensive may never use the cat litter.

Keep the cat litter box away from noisy surroundings.

Keep the cat litter box away from places where there is too much of sound. As mentioned above, it should not be near washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dish washers or even noisy sound systems and stereo appliances. Cats would not like to use such surroundings.


To conclude, even if your apartment is small and even if you are short on space, you should not have too much of a problem choosing a small place for a cat litter.

They don’t require hundreds of square feet of space and just a small space is good enough. However, make sure that it is well selected keeping in mind your convenience and also the comfort of your feline pet friends.