Can you put a cat litter box outside?

To pee or not to pee – Inside.

That is the question!

Every time my husband see’s the cat move towards the litterbox in the hall, he asks – can I put that cat litter box outside?

Well, if you are among those and looking for an answer, this is the place for you.

First, if you have a cat who loves to go outside for pooping you need to understand that it is quite natural and in a great sense a hygienic trait.

And if your cat is getting extreme privacy and a quiet environment to do its business, there is no harm in that.

However, if he/she is using someone else property or garden, it could be a little risky to allow it to continue doing that!

One option that could create a win-win situation for everyone is by putting a cat litter box outside and training your cat to use it wisely.

So if you have the same question in mind – can you put a cat litter box outside? We say, yes you can and we will tell you how.

In addition to that, we will explain why you should put a cat litter box outside.

So, without further adieu, let us get down to it.

Why install an outdoor litter box for your cat?

If you have a cat who loves to go out and poop in an open field rather than using an inside litter box and you have become concerned about the habit, you could just install a litter box outside for your cat to poop on.

Because it will not only make your garden look more attractive and clean but it could also save your cat’s life. Here is how:

If your cat has a habit of pooping in the garden which is owned by you then it is fine, but if the garden belongs to someone else they could take serious action on your cat by harming it or calling for animal control.

That is why in order to prevent such scenarios, you can take initiative to protect your little furry friend and install an outdoor litter box.

This will keep her spoiling your own garden.

Also, cleaning a litter box will be much easier for you than cleaning the whole garden – or dealing with an angry neighbor!

Reasons for installing cat litter box outside :

1: It is a good option for you if you own multiple cats.

2: The waste will be consolidated in one area.

3: Installing a cat litter box outside will be easy to clean.

4: Your neighbors will not receive any resents’ in their garden.

Using an outdoor litter box does not happen automatically though it takes a little time for the cat to adjust.

It has been noted that cats who used outside the litter box for the first time took 1-2 weeks to get habitual and stopped pooping elsewhere on the ground.

Here below are some ‘must do’s’ before relying on an outside litter box:

1:First you must train the cat to use it by easing him into the routine. It would be a total failure if you build a litter box and your kitty doesn’t use it!

2: An outside litter box needs to be weather proof, it will be of no use during bad weather if the litter box keeps getting wet and blown all over the place.

3: If your cat is sick, it may not use the litter box and will end up pooping in the garden.

All in, it is not too hard to train your cat to use the litter box.

But here are some pointers on how you can train your cat use the outdoor litter box.

Tips on helping your cat to use outside the litter box.

Here below are some tricks or ways that you can use to train or attract your cat to use outside the litter box.

1: Choose a hidden and quiet site for the outdoor litter box:

Every cat on this planet loves quiet and peace especially when it comes to carrying out their business. So, you want to keep the litter box out from the normal human sights and traffic.

2: Maintain privacy around the litter box:

It is good you have placed the litter box in a quiet place but, your cat still needs some privacy to poop. You can help it by covering the site with plants, objects or curtains.

3: Keep the outdoor litter box away from its food, water, and toys:

Cat dislikes when their litter box is placed near the place where they eat, drink or play. Make sure there is enough distance between them.

4: Make sure the litter box is regularly cleaned:

It would be useless to put the litter box outside for your cat if it is not regularly cleaned. Scoop the litter box regularly as you would do an indoor inside the litter box. This will keep the odor away and your cat will use it without hesitation.

5: Make the outdoor litter box the Go-to option:

You want your cat to head directly to the litter box when it needs to poop. You can do this by blocking other pooping sites by using certain obstacles or fragrance.

6: Make the litter box attractive to use:

One smart way you can attract your cat to the litter box is by placing some pieces of its own feces to help her know that it is her private toilet. Moreover, this will give it a sense of safety.

Other things you can add are the soil from the same garden and some non-poisonous plants around the litter box.

Now, that you have learned why you should keep a litter box outside and why you should not completely rely on it, it is time for you to get creative and build a litter box for your cat.

But, here are some points you must keep in mind while doing so.

Building your own outdoor litter box:

Here below are some key points to remember while creating an outdoor litter box:

1: It is all about the proper frame – make sure the frame of the outdoor litter box is strong and big enough to accommodate your cat/kitten.

2: Focus on privacy – You can either leave the box open or you can cover it with a roof to improve the privacy. Covered box will make your cat comfortable and it will feel safe.

3: Choosing the right litter – Peat moss or sand is the right choice for an outdoor litter box.

4: Do not overfill the litter!

Final Thoughts.

This is how you could help your cat to use the outdoor litter box and save it from spoiling the garden.

You must also keep in mind the reasons we discussed why you should not completely rely on the outside litter box.

I Hope you find the information on this article helpful.

Good Luck!