Help, My Cat is Sleeping in the litterbox – what can I do?

There is no doubt that cats can nap in the most random of places, I’m speaking from experience here as the mommy of 3 fur-baby kitties who sometimes have the strangest of habits!

If your indoor cat is sleeping in their litterbox, there could be several possible reasons for this.

Here are the main reasons your cat will sleep in the litterbox.

  1. They are doing it to feel safe.
  2. Your cat is marking his/her territory.
  3. They are sick or pregnant.
  4. There is no particular reason

I am going to briefly talk to you about the experiences I have had with my cats doing this same thing.

And then some possible reasons why it could be happening.

Also; if you allow your cat to keep sleep in their own poop it can cause some serious problems.

You probably want to get them out of this habit quickly, so I will give you some hints on changing their habits

1: Your cat should be sleeping in their litterbox for comfort and to feel safe.

The cat litter box is a place that they know very well after-all. When a cat is new to the home, they will often sleep in their litterbox when they are still getting used to the environment.

If this doesn’t apply to your kitty, however, consider if anything has changed in the home that could be making them feel a little threatened?

Perhaps you’ve moved house, got a new pet or a new baby has joined your clan.

Pets can be a lot more perceptive than what we realize and they can feel any sudden change in the general atmosphere.

If you have a particularly busy household and your cat has a litterbox with a lid that is cornered off from the world, he/she could well be doing it just for a bit of peace and quiet away from the world for a little while.

If you think this could be the case, create some other cozy spaces for your cat and hopefully, they will start going there instead.

Your cat is marking his/her territory by sleeping in the litter box:

If your cat has to vie for your attention with another pet, or particularly another cat, he/she could be sleeping in their litterbox to mark their territory.

There is often a power struggle between cats so you need to be making sure that they have their own individual litterbox to do their business.

Your pet might feel threatened or even bullied by another pet in the house and feels the need to guard its little tray in some way.

It is important that you keep an eye on any potential feud and separate the kitties as necessary. When your cat realizes there is no threat, it should soon get out of this routine.

The cat may be sick or pregnant and use the litter box to feel normal again!

It’s possible that your cat is not feeling too good and is sleeping in their litterbox just in case they need it.

Some conditions that could cause your pet to do this include a bladder infection, kidney stones, or a urinary tract infection.

All these can make your cat feel like they need to urinate more often.

It is better to be safe than sorry and take your cat to the vet if you think this could be the case, the chances are he/she will love all the attention anyway!

If your cat is female and is constantly in the litterbox, it could well be carrying kittens.

Ladies who have been pregnant, you know how often you need the loo, now just imagine if you were carrying 3-7 babies inside you!

Weigh up if this is an option and then take the necessary next step to care for your furry friend.

There is no particular reason for this strange behavior!

The final reason why your kitty could be snoring away in the litter box (and you probably aren’t going to be happy with this one) is simply that they want to!

Cats can be random creatures and might simply be finding the litter box comfy or enjoying the feeling of being in there.

If your pet seems happy enough, there have been no changes in the household and there are no signs of anything else going on, just let them do it.

Providing you are cleaning out the litterbox on a regular basis, there is no reason why you should be too worried about this weird little habit.


Hopefully, this article has been helpful in answering the question cat sleeping in litterbox what to do?

Just like us humans, cats are all different and all have their own personalities.

It’s really important that while keeping the above information in mind, you go with your gut instinct when it comes to YOUR cat.

If you think your pet is simply being a silly moggy, then leave him/her sleep in the litter box, but if you think it could be sick or anxious, it’s always better to take it to the vet to give it the once over.

Remember that a happy cat means a happy you!

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