How the heck does a Cat Litter Box Work Anyway?

Having cats in your home as pets is great ain’t it?

They are certainly great companions and they could lighten up your mood and be great playmates.

But at the end of the day, they are animals and they don’t have sixth sense that we human beings have. Hence they need to be tended, taken care and looked after well.

So down to the big question;

Are cat litter boxes any good? and how do cat litter boxes work anyway?

Handling cat excrete could be a big problem and unless it is done properly it could be messy and could also become a big health related issue.

We will, in this article, try and find answers to the question how does a cat litter box work.

It will help us to manage cat litter much better and avoid the normal problems that are often associated with it.

However, before finding answer to this question let us try and get some idea about cat litter boxes.

Cat litter boxes are also referred to as cat pan, litter tray and sandbox or even litter pan.

This is basically a urine and feces collection box that is used indoors. While many homeowners use it for cats, it could also be used for other pets such as ferrets, rats, small dogs and even miniature pigs.

We may ask the question what is so different and unique about cat litter boxes. These are like any other boxes but they have something special that make them attracted to these litter boxes.

We need to understand their behavior to understand more about the reasons why most homes with cat as pets have litter boxes.

Cats Love Sandy or Soft Soil for the litter box.

Cats like many other felines love soft and sandy spots to excrete.

Once they have excreted, they use their paws and move it in a backward sweeping motion. This helps them to cover their feces.

In the absence of sand and soft natural spots inside the homes, pet owners have no other option but to go in for these litters. These litters are soft and are filled with sand and other soft substances.

The pets love it and consider it to be the right place to excrete.

What is Litter Box Made Up Of ?

Litter boxes are of a simple technology. They are designed and made to stimulate the instinctive desire of cats.

A typical litter box comes with 2 inches of cat litter. The filler that is used is loose and granular material and it is known for its moisture absorbent properties.

It also has special properties to absorb odors especially ammonia. Some litter brands also come with baking soda and this could be useful in absorbing such odors.

Some owners prefer spreading a thin layer of baking soda in the bottom of the box.

Cats have an instinct of hiding their scents and to this objective, these cat litter boxes come in very handy. As mentioned above, they love to brush their scent below the carpet, though not literally.

Most cat litter boxes are made from clay though a few also come with recycled paper pellets.

How to maintain a cat litter box and keep it perfectly clean.

We now have a fairly good idea as to how cat litters work and why every home should have one if they are keeping a few cats as pets.

However, it is important to ensure that the cat litter boxes are maintained properly.

Improper maintenance could be a major health hazard and it could create problems for all the inhabitants of the home and could also jeopardize the health of the kittens and cats.

Have The Right Ratio of Cat Litter Boxes

The rule of the thumb is that each household should have at least one litter box for one cat and one extra one at best.

For example, if you have four cats you should have seven boxes. In case you have more than three litter boxes you may not find the right place to keep them.

Keeping the litter boxes side by side will help you to accommodate more than one cat at a time. It also will make cleaning and scooping easy and convenient.

Things You Should Have along with a cat litter box.

There cannot be a straight-jacketed rule as far as the size of the cat litter is concerned.

More than you being happy as a pet owner, you must make sure that your pet cat is happy with the cat litter.

If they are not happy, you can be sure that they will let you know. However, here are a few must have things if you want your litter box to be complete in all respects.

  1. Cat litter Disposal pail.
  2. Wastebasket / Litter box liner.
  3. Unscented Paper towels.

Choose The Right Place To Keep The cat litter Box.

Most cats do not have preference for covered box. Hence, it would be a good idea to place it in an inconspicuous place.

The box should be kept in a place where it can provide the maximum privacy for the pet cats.

Make sure that the litter box is kept away from noisy appliances. It also should have an easy escape route.

This is important because some cats have the habit of bullying the others and therefore the bullied cats must have an easy way to escape.

If he or she feels trapped in the litter box, it will not use it anymore and you certainly will have a problem in hand.

Learn How To Clean your cat litter box Properly.

Regular cleaning of the cat litter is a must and it may have to be done twice a day in some cases.

Be sure that you don’t allow odor to build up because it will not only be unhygienic and highly unpleasant but it also may put away the cats from it.

Since the litter area is small, there could be overlapping of odor of one cat over the other. Cats are territorial and they would not like this.

Make use of the waste basket or disposal pan efficiently.

It would be a good idea if you have gloves in your hand and also have your mouth and nose covered with a mask. This is optional and could be for those who are allergic to strong odors and smells.

The Final Word.

So thats the basic idea about the way in which cat litter boxes work.

While there is no rocket science about the way in which it works, the more important job is perhaps to understand how to put in place the right cat litter boxes.

It should take into account the exact needs and requirements of the cats. It should also make the home a neater, cleaner and hygienic place.